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Welcome to Free Lunch Coffee, a social business, launched in November 2020. Founded  by Vin Singh, a Coffee enthusiast, and a Good Samaritan. We serve ethically sourced organic coffee. Not only do we serve the best quality coffee, but also feed helpless children with 100% of our earnings.

Our inspiration

I want to tell you how every cup of coffee is saving a child around the world.

Hi, my name is Vin Singh, and I love gourmet coffee!

About three years ago, before I quit my corporate job, I had many luxuries, not everyone gets to have. You'd think I'd love my life, but there was something missing...

I felt like a cog in a machine just working for money, which never made me feel fulfilled even after a hard day at work.

So I decided to quit my job and travel to find my "purpose" in life.

With being all over the world and on so many amazing adventures. I had many ups and downs during this period of uncertainty; I started back-peddling in every action I had…

For every step forward it was 3 steps backwards, thankfully I never called my old boss to "beg" for my life back!

I believe we have so much abundance & prosperity in our world, we have more than enough food on our planet to feed each one of us. But when I see young children who don't get enough food and then get sick due to malnutrition, it breaks my heart. Instead of wishing that someone should do something about it, I wanted to do something about it and be a part of the solution.  

So, I decided to start a mission based business, where our primary goal is to support the cause of ending childhood hunger. We giveaway 100% of the money we make to support our cause. And of course, we still pay to our suppliers & staff.

That's how we came about with the idea of 'Free Lunch Coffee'. When you purchase a bag of Coffee, Mug or a Tumbler from our store, will provide 20 meals to end hunger from the lives of young children.

We Donate

That's where you, I and the organizations we support to end childhood hunger come in. So why not add to it and drink gourmet coffee as you help starving children, It's a win-win!

Our true mission is to provide meals to the underprivileged children in schools.

It goes way deeper than that, we are not JUST helping them with food, we are helping them get education, get off the streets, drugs & crime, which eventually would help them to get out of poverty!

When a child doesn't have to worry about their next meal, they can focus on improving their natural gifts and talents to make a real difference in this world.

Join us in our mission to end hunger & malnutrition from the lives of young children.

We can't End Child Hunger without you!

We want your support. 

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