Why Free Lunch Coffee?

Yes, I want to make a difference!

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Yes, I Want To Make A Difference!

Everyday, Many African families are faced with an unthinkable choice

Send their children to school hungry, or keep them at home to help put food on the table.

If they send their children to school, they can receive an education that might allow them to escape poverty…

Knowing that if they can’t earn enough to make the pennies they need to provide food and shelter, their young souls might never see that brighter future at all.

Free Lunch Coffee exists to ensure that parents never have to make these impossible choices…

Children deserve more than survival…

They should be allowed to flourish.

You can help, by making a purchase from our store. 

BUT… You don’t have much time.

Free Lunch Coffee exists only to help people in need… Which means all of our profit goes to help children in need.

But with the global pandemic, business and charities are being hit hard…

And because at Free Lunch Coffee, we give away 100% of our profit, we don’t have the luxury of deep cash reserves to weather hard times.

Which means if you bookmark this page, we might not be here when you come back.

If you want to make a difference then,

Don’t wait.

And make sure that you give a hungry child the chance of a better future.

Thank you.